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Donbass Arena Stadium is the best place to visit in Donetsk!

  After the hottest football season for about few years, you will surely want to take in Ukraine escort. And not only Kiev! Many people come to Donetsk, and the town doesn't disappoint them. Of course if you know, where to go and what you must see.

  So first of all, take the bus to the city center and ask natives how to get to the Donbass Arena Stadium. We know that it's the first site you want to take in, and you'll surely like it. If you catch the game there and see it, don't miss the opportunity, you might not get the second chance to see the game from the most beautiful stadium in Europe. The same about concerts - shows on Donbass Arena are totally unforgettable. 5 star European standard, 400 million cost - it's the first site you must take in Donezk and maybe the only one that will leave you highly impressed.

  Then you plan your trip according to things you like. Donbass offer you many monuments and squares to take in, you also get the excursion to charcoal mines. Beside the orthodox monuments, you also capture the one devoted to the living hero - Serhiy Bubka, the Olympic champion. And, of course, you can't miss the biggest monument to the Lenin in the whole Ukraine - 138 feet one, situated on Lenin Square.

shows on Donbass Arena

  To all the people who's in love with art - you must plan the visit to Fine Art Museum in Donezk. 17 rooms of masterpieces wait for you to give some impressions. You will not see the Louvre level, but if you're interested in classic and modern Ukrainian art, you should at least give it a try, this attempt might be educational and interesting. Pretty prostitute from Kiev can accompany you on Donbass.

  Of course, you should bring some souvenirs from Donetsk. You might always take in Donezk City, the great mall with 5 floors and tons of shops, restaurants and other sites to visit. Here you find souvenirs, clothes, perfumery, cosmetic, food, books, media-products and other goods. And if you feel tired after the shopping, you can always go to cinema or eat some sushi - some people say that this mall holds the best restaurants (good food + fine service) in the whole town. But be prepared - prices are really high as for Ukraine.

  Donetsk is not the best place of Ukraine. You won't find any impressing “must-see” places here, except for Donbass Arena. But if you try, you can feel the rhythm and the soul of this place, walk the streets, visit the cafes and be very sure - you will like Donetsk. It's the city that is worth visiting.


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