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News and Articles
  • Which escort agency in Kiev is the best?
    Kiev sex service is sphere where you need to be sure about everything going fine in certain agency before using it's services. So if youre dreaming about a hottie who would cheer you up after long working week, do not go for the first and accidental one, search for the agency that will give you some privileges and make you feel like a special client.
  • Kiev girls for sex can't be cheap!
    Want to have some good time in Kiev? Well, consider coming to an escort agency, but do not choose Kiev cheap girls.
  • Lvov escorts are ready for everything!
    Are you in Lviv for a business trip? Thats okay, because Lviv escort can make this trip become a dream came true, and you wont regret about coming to this certain city of Ukraine!

Hot Offers

We love our clients. Yes, we really do! If you ever used services, provided by Kiev-Tour, you definitely have some great memories - that's all because we work hard to make you satisfied. And our models love their clients too - so that's why sometimes they want to give them a little present for being naughty yet loyal and not greedy A present is discount for sex with our hottest xxx-models! If you know the rule of how discount is formed, forget it - you don't have to think that Kiev-tour ladies are inactive or they have too little attention from men. To forget it you have to do just one thing - look at their photos. These stunning and gorgeous women have hundreds of fans, but they still crave for more. Courtesans love working, they love spending time with men, and we can do nothing but agree with them - our clients are all polite, intelligent and very lovely. That's why we aim to please them, and escorts help us. Together we planned this all-time action - Hot Offer.

Hot Offer is weekly (or longer, depending on obstacles) proposal on one (or more) of the girls who wants to have more activity with men and work a little cheaper. That's what we do for our clients to be satisfied. When females want to get into this offer, they sometimes have to wait, because we have many beauties to show our clients, and all of them are agree to make little discounts sometimes. This service is one of our favorites. And each time we have a possibility to introduce you a new young-model, we try to put her here, so you have the ability to try a new-escort faster and cheaper than others. What we recommend you to do is to stick to this offer and look through this proposal all the time. We bet you will find something for you someday, even if you don't like her that are on Hot Offer right now.

All courtesans are sexy, brilliant looking, intelligent and very hot. And even if you liked the one that is the most expensive, you can just wait for some time - and she will surely, 100% appear here, in this Hot Offer, where you can afford yourself a date with her. We love our clients. We really do. When you ask lady for a weekend with sex and romantic mood, you save a huge load of money - so better choose someone who you know and like for a long time and give yourself a perfect days off with sex and lots of other pleasant stuff!


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