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Prostitution legalization in Ukraine is a very widespread problem.

Prostitution legalization in Ukraine is a very widespread problem. What representatives of the oldest profession in the world do is legal in a very few countries, or if we take USA, states. Yet even the United Nations Commission calls for legalizing of the prostitution.  And, if we look closer, this problem affects Ukraine as well. It affects all the countries as a matter of fact. But let's talk about Ukraine as we began speaking of it.

What are the “pro”-s and “contra”-s of the legalize? Let's take a look at it. First of all, the problem of getting the HIV or AIDS will self-destruct as an occurrence, because when prostitutes become legal, they'll get social benefit's and get watched after in the medical meaning. So, the problem of getting a lethal disease will be solved once and for all. If we look more narrow in the history of prostitution we'll get the thought that it is, as a matter of fact, THE BIGGEST problem of all. And when we'll have this thing dealt with and it'll be the greatest “pro” of our research. But not only the “pro”-s will be obtained when the prostitution gets legalized. It's the “contra”-s too. Let's be honest, when this profession will become legal, what example will get the up-growing generation if they see how young girls almost of their age get their bodies sold to to the people you don't wanna know about.

The biggest disappointment is not about the fact of girls start selling themselves as the commodity. It's about them thinking that prostitution is the only one way of getting easy money. Just think of it - a girl learns out about this stuff, gets her sold up and as a result she drops out of school or university. But it's the girl's choice if she chooses to work as a prostitute and no-one has rights to blame her for that. More to say the legalization of prostitution will get more escort agencies to open, which is, without any doubt, a great thing to happen, because when girls get the job they get protection from the very point of them getting established in the agency.

This means that models working as Kiev escort in the agencies are protected from the so-called “protection racket”, what is, without a single thought of doubt, very important, considering the “after-90s” situation still existing in some regions of Ukraine.

Real Prostitute from UA

Legalizing prostitution is an eternal discussion whether ones think that it's “yes, we should do it” and the others think of opposite. Time will show who wins the situation.

Igor 16.02.2013

legalization Prostitution in Ukraine - very good idea!

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