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How Zoya was spending time on the beach of India with Jack

  Except my love that goes to my work I have some unexplainable passion for traveling around the world. I have been to not so many places, but my work now allows me to travel more and explore countries I couldn't even dream I'd journey to someday. I like combining both of my beloved things to do - my work and traveling, so the happiest moments in my life are the ones when my agent calls me with the news about some costumer asking me to go abroad with him. My first visit to the foreign country with costumer was somehow spoiled by enormous fear of something wrong happening, but this is normal to every girl who works in Kiev escort not for so long. But now I have my own experience, and absolutely happy to journey for some time with my costumers.

  My most recent visit to India was initiated by Jack, my long-time client. We were seeing each other since his first visit to Kiev. He's kind of a busy person, and when he planned his vacation finally, I knew there's a place for me by his side, and there was. We were going to India, and I was happy from the very first moment of ours journey - holidays with the person you know, with the great and kind man, what can be better? Plus Jak didn't take any girl else - so we were in this together.

  Ours trip was magic - we were doing tons of things ordinary people do in their vacations, like, exploring cultural monuments, going to traditional religious places, and spending time on the beach and in our hotel suite. The best part was the last part, since I'm not really into Buddhism and Indian culture. So I was a great companion to Jack's exploring of India, and the greatest lover when it came to the bed part of our vacation.

  We shared experience, made love on the beach, made love in our hotel suite and it was wonderful. I liked Jack and highly appreciated his will to show me the most beautiful spots of India. I know other girls often go to vacations with their clients too, but I had a big piece of love and support on our trip, and I wanted to give the same to my client. Jack was the one of those who offered me something more than two hours in some hotel, I've been to different trips since my job in agency, but that one was surely the best and the most entertaining. The combination of visiting ancient temples and going to the clubs on the same day was really interesting - I never had such an amount of impressions in just a small bunch of days.

  I'd gladly travel somewhere else with my clients - this is the best part of my job.


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