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    This page is dedicated to articles about intim and advices from our babies. Ladies will try to describe problems that may occur on it and the ways it is possible to solve them. Our prostitutes are not journalists but they can clearly describe the situation 'from inside' because working in this sphere brings a lot of experience in this area. Many courtesans come in business without knowing anything about sexual relationship between a man and a woman. They think it is something technical only. But XXX service are more that just sex. It is care, passion, cuddling and skills of being a true geisha. A girls needs to be able to relax a man the way he forgets about everything in the world and keeps coming back again to her for this again and again. After having worked for a while girls start realizing what a man wants from a woman. Kiev escorts want to share this experience with you on this page. We will divide all the advices and tips into separate articles.

    We hope they will help you to understand women more, to divine secret women's soul and understand their behaviour and problems. People have nature to conceal problems and disregard them, especially when it comes to bed. This causes new discomfort and with time makes the issue bigger as a snowball. But you need to teach yourself to recognize special women gestures and be ready to give a rebuff ;) Truly speaking women don't know themselves what they want. Even outstanding Sigmund Freud has dedicated his life for understanding it but died with no answer to this question. "Women oppose change, receive passively, and add nothing of their own," he wrote in his work of 1925. In defiance of the fact of Freud's death we keep trying to find an answer to this question. Many scientific works on psychology have been written, but still each woman needs her own key because all of them are different in each own way. Tips from our girls will be simple and understandable because many of our babies are not just ladies but psychologists and doctors of male souls and bodies ;) Our company has over a ten-year experience in this business and we can already issue a book with funny stories, tips and weird cases. We keep teaching our Ukraine escorts to be understanding and caring, courteous and kind to have the best level. We have gained our clients' confidence and will work more on this topic but meantime please take a look at what our models would like to share with you.


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