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  If you highly appreciate hotel romantic and wouldn't change it for coziness of rented flats, you should definitely find a hotel that would be worth your attention. But no one wants to pay too much, especially when you're staying for a long time and want to save your money. Then the best variant possible is to choose 4 stars hotel, or even 5 stars hotel with not the most expensive fees. We tried to gather the information about good (with greatest reviews from our clients) hotels with not so expensive costs per night. Here you are - and you're always welcome! 

 If you want 5 stars hotel with the cheapest price for the room - you can afford yourself staying in Opera Hotel. This boutique-hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Kyiv now. Stars and politicians stay in VIP suites of this hotel, but you can choose something not so expensive and this will do for you. Classic room still has a beautiful interior, cable TV, comfortable and cozy bath, where you can use free bathrobe and cosmetics. Still it's the most expensive variant of our top - you'll have to pay 250 dollars per night. If you want to have a breakfast at buffet lunch, you'll have to pay extra 37 dollars for it. 

Salute hotel in Kiev

  In case if you need to stay very close to city center, you have to choose hotels which are situated near Khreschatyk. One of them, CityHotel, is 4 minutes close to Khreschatyk - real center of the city, so you'll never have to be late for your business meetings. Also CityHotel is the perfect variant for meetings. You will feel cozy in this hotel's rooms, and staff will do anything to make you feel like home. Many people of those who have lived in CityHotel, tell that it's a great and very beautiful hotel with stylish interior in rooms. Standard room with cable TV on flat screen, free WiFi and comfortable beds will cost you 200 dollars per night. You can order breakfast for extra charge. 

Hyatt Kiev Hotel

  Well, if you don't need to stay close to city center, you can stay in Cosmopolite hotel near Shulyavska metro station. This hotel is not so expensive yet it has 4 stars and brilliant reviews, which means that you will enjoy your stay within walls of this great hotel. They brew beer on their own, and you can always try it in local bar. You can choose standard room with a queen-size bed, beautiful modern interior, sound isolation, flat screen TV with cable channels Breakfast included! Cost of everything is only 180 dollars per night. Great proposition!

  Also you can stay in hotel on Khreschatyk 1/2. It's quite prestigious place, and hotel is 4 stars, so you can prepare yourself for expensive costs But don't do this - hotel Dnipro is not that costy and all expensive. It exists for 40 years already, and you can count on their reputation as a proof to good quality. You can use well-equipped gym, go to massage cabinet or visit pool. SPA in Dnipro hotel can offer you a great time spent in sauna. Your room (even a standard one) will be stylish still classic, with high-class furniture and river view. Breakfast is included! You can use it all for only 135 dollars per night! 

Dnipro Hotel

  If you want to visit a sports game and have a wish to stay close to Olimpiysky Stadium, prefer Gregoir Hotel - beautiful private 4 stars hotel. It's one of the best variants for the middle-cost class, because Gregoir holds really stunning stylish interiors and beautiful furniture. Each room in this hotel has a wooden floor, automatic laundry and kitchen zone. Keep in mind, that this is apart-hotel, so you can stay in your room for months and use it as your living place. Stylish and elegant studio suite holds fully equipped kitchen zone, free WiFi, flat screen TV and everything that might be needed for a good quality life. 140 dollars per night! 

  The last variant of not so expensive 4 stars hotels is Royal Hotel De Paris. This boutique-hotel is situated in business center of Kiev. It can offer you great rooms to live in, and also a perfect service with extra charged entertainment. If you want to stay healthy and good shaped even when you're far away from your home, you can visit hydrobath, massage cabinet or beauty salon. But also you can stay in your room and feel quite well there - for 150 dollars per night you can stay in business-class room with heated floor in bathroom, beautiful and stylish interior, balcony, air conditioning system and extra-long beds. You will feel yourself like a king in Royal Hotel De Paris in Kiev!

  All of these hotels are really unique, beautiful and comfortable. Just the same way as unique and as beautiful as our girls are! You won't feel lonely in your suite, if you just call and ask one of Kiev-Tour professional courtesans to come and join you in your hotel. Be sure - you won't regret this and you will remember this night for your whole life!   

Intercontinental hotel Kyiv


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