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If you dreamed about coming to UA once for a business trip or for tourism, you are lucky to get to this part of our site. Here we'll reveal some secrets about country and about it's people. You'll get to know tons of useful information from our articles about the customs and traditions of our people, about the usual life and some unexpected and unknown secrets of their activity!

Our country has a great location as it leads to two seas which have nice water and great flora. There are also two mountain area in our country which are also very popular for the impressing beauty! The Crimea mountains have wonderful and very clear air and the Carpathians are also very attractive for those who love active vacations and can spend all day long skiing in winter and going up the mountain in summer! The capital of the country is very ancient city, founded in 10th century! Can you imagine how many memories and secrets it has!

You can walk around Kyiv all day long and you won't be bored, because you'll be excited by people and the beauty of old buildings that are situated on numerous hills. Ukrainians are very happy to greet tourists in their country! Tourism is actively developed in a row with other industries. We have lots of entertainments and surprises for foreigners that will definitely adore staying in UA!

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